• Advanced Studies in Handwriting Psychology
  • Personality & Anxiety Disorders: How they may be reflected in handwriting, and other important topics
  • Reading Between The Lines: Decoding Handwriting

Handwriting Psychology

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From Book 1:

Have you ever wondered what the squiggles and strokes in a line of ink say about personality? Or did you learned the "trait-stroke" method? Reading Between the Lines, Decoding Handwriting, will introduce you to a new way to look at handwriting and understand personality.

What readers say
"Loved this well organized, richly presented book about using handwriting analysis for knowing self and others, all done with maturity, wisdom and humor, one of the best handwriting analysis books I have ever read, and I have a library full!" Rosita

"Sheila Lowe is one of the most respected authorities in the field of graphology. I have every one of her books and each one is exceptional." DMR

"Reading Between the Lines is so informative! If you are a newbie or have been around graphology for years there is something in this book for you!" Emmy T.

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