Forsyte Saga, The, Volume 2

Forsyte Saga, The, Volume 2

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In this, the second volume of the Saga to be released in an unabridged recording by Assembled Stories, Soames’ house continues to be built as his marriage disintegrates. Is Irene having an affair? Certainly her relationship with the architect Bosinney is causing ructions in the family.

While attempting reconciliation with his son, Old Jolyon, spurred by June’s suffering as she feels herself losing her lover, sends Young Jolyon to sound the man’s intentions. In this meeting Young Jolyon reveals the essence of the Forsytes and warns Bosinney about the nature of the class he is defying: ‘A Forsyte is a man who is decidedly more than less a slave of property. He knows a good thing, he knows a safe thing, and his grip on property - it doesn’t matter whether it be wives, houses, money, or reputation – is his hallmark... they are the middle men, the commercials, the pillars of society, the cornerstones of convention; everything that is admirable.’

Will the young man heed the warning or continue to cause more anguish within the family - and, much worse - scandal amongst its peers?

Public Domain (P)2010 Assembled Stories

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