Foreign Planet

Foreign Planet

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After sending Aleron’s monster back to the fourth dimension, the survivors find unexpected friends and a terrifying threat.

After narrowly escaping Aleron’s monster, Tashon is left with a connection to the fourth dimension that grants him new insights and grand visions. What he sees leads to the discovery of two living, intelligent species on Aethera. One believes in pacifism above all else, while the other thinks Aethera belongs to them alone.

Tashon and Abe set out on a journey across the planet in hopes to befriend the violent species, while Smith stays behind to strengthen humanity’s alliance with the pacifists. In the end, the future of Aethera will not be what they imagined.

EVOLVED PUBLISHING PRESENTS an epic science fiction adventure, with Book 2 of the 9-book series, “This Foreign Universe.” Discover new worlds, new civilizations, and new mysteries from the great unknown.


  • This Foreign Universe – 1: Foreign Land
  • This Foreign Universe – 2: Foreign Planet
  • This Foreign Universe – 3: Foreign Home
  • This Foreign Universe – 4: Almost Pathless [2022]
  • This Foreign Universe – 5: Almost Homeless [2023]
  • This Foreign Universe – 6: Almost Earthless [2023]
  • This Foreign Universe – 7: The Engineer [2024]
  • This Foreign Universe – 8: The Explorer [2024]
  • This Foreign Universe – 9: The Sage [2024]

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