Final Departure

Final Departure

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NCIS veteran Dan Lucas is a man of few words. He spent a career keeping his nation’s secrets safe and his personal life—including his faith—private. But what should have been a routine flight home turns into a chaotic nightmare when a lethal storm traps Dan and thousands of passengers inside a dark and clammy airport terminal. 


Dan is secretly carrying a massive cache of information that he never planned to share with anyone. But that all changes when an atheist professor chooses the seat next to him... and sparks begin to fly. A caustic battle of the minds erupts between the seasoned spy catcher and the cynical secular Jew that grinds on into the wee hours of the night. What does Dan reveal to the tenured academic during a gut-wrenching night of mayhem and death? Can it save the professor before it’s too late?


Their all-night marathon ends with a sudden series of crushing events. Who dies and who survives? What unbelievable miracle is the final result?


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