Exes and Oh No's

Exes and Oh No's

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Being a spy was dangerous. But moving back home is MURDER.

Bethany Shanholtz isn't sure if danger followed her home or if it was there waiting for her.

After a top-secret mission went tragically sideways, she gave up her job as a government operative and moved home to her farm and her family.

But when a dead body turns up at her ex-boyfriend's investment property her old bosses want her to investigate. It turns out this small town murder could endanger both national security AND the safety of the nearby Mount Hideaway Cyber Command facility, where her former mentor works.

Bethany, being Bethany, chooses to serve her country and protect her town.

But the agency can't give her any official support, so Bethany pulls together childhood friends from her homeschool Criminal Science Club. Her forensics expert is Amy, a veterinarian and part-time crime scene analyst. Her tech support is Hector, a local computer repair guy with an obsession for fantasy movies and video games.

Things get even more complicated when it looks like her ex, Jamie, might be knee-deep in the mysterious plot.

Can Bethany and her team catch the murderer and save their town, no matter where the truth leads?

"Exes and Oh No's" is the second gripping installment in the "Mount Hideaway Mysteries" series of books and movies. The novel has over 150 full-color illustrations taken from the hit movie, “Mount Hideaway Mysteries: Exes and Oh No’s”.

If you like clean, gripping, coming-of-age adventure stories with Christian messages gently woven throughout, you'll LOVE "Exes and Oh No's: Mount Hideaway Mysteries Book 2"

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