Diabolical Sword

Diabolical Sword

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A sentient sword. An artifact collector. A whole world of trouble.

My name is Harlow Fletcher, and I’m a charm collector.

As the daughter of bounty hunters, I know more about the criminal underbelly than the average citizen of Luma, California. But when Dad’s work got him killed, and Mom went on the lam, I swore off the profession for myself. Instead, I use my knack for finding rare artifacts—namely illegal magic-laced weapons—to sneak into criminals’ homes after the police have carted them off for their latest infractions. Once I’ve helped myself to the contraband, I sell it to the highest bidder.

While looting my latest victim, I find a gorgeous sword. I immediately regret my decision to steal it. The weapon is alive. It’s lightning-quick, has an anger management problem, and refuses to be left behind. Days later, I count my lucky stars when it takes off on its own.

Less than twenty-four hours later, the police are at my door accusing me of murder. While pleading my case, the diabolical sword floats into my apartment, covered in blood. Now we’re on the run, with bounty hunters and government-trained feline shifters hot on our trail. Proving my innocence is going to be a hell of a lot harder with the sentient murder weapon by my side—especially when I might be next on its hit list …

Content warning: Contains adult language.

Trigger warning: Sound effects are scattered throughout the audiobook and may cause discomfort for listeners sensitive to abrupt sounds.

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