Cursed By A Vampire

Cursed By A Vampire

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Living with the DeMarco vampires has been a lifesaver for Ari. However, as a human, he’s always felt inferior; has always wanted to be turned, while his vampire friends have refused his one wish.

And then he meets Abella, and suddenly he isn’t sure what he wants anymore.

Abella is also human, although she too is familiar with vampires. Her grandfather is one. The half-witch who cursed her is a vampire. She’s learned to live with both her grandfather and the curse; was content with her life.

Until she meets Ari.

Now she’s living a nightmare because falling in love could lead to Ari’s death, thanks to her curse.

What will these two ill-fated humans do?

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Cursed By A Vampire
Susan Griscom
John York,
Rachel Woods
232.64 MB
May 11, 2023
Susan Griscom




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