Book 1: Evermore Series
We were just kids when we met. . . He was the boy from down the beach. I was the transplant from Tennessee.
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Oh this is such a great sweet storyline. It’s kind of heartbreaking that kids go through this on a daily basis but it’s a great storyline and likeable characters. Excellent narration.
Mandy Sawyer
Audio Book Obsessions
I listened to the audibook.
This is a story with so much depth. Normally I don’t love what would be considered a young adult novel, but I can’t even call this book young adult. The main characters, Neely and Seth meet and become friends. But moving, parents and life are in their way.
This is a wonderful beginning for this series.
The narration for the audiobook is great.
Highly recommended this book!
Vine Voice
This Author could write a shopping list and I would pay to read it. I don't even think about will I like her next book, I see a pre order and I am on it, like a tramp on chips. No messing around, that One-Click button gets hit faster than you can say 'Crushed'.
Jo & Isa Love Books Blog
The writing of this novella flowed beautifully, the author engages the reader from the very beginning with a compelling storyline and characters that you can relate to. I can honestly say that Neely's family situation broke my heart, I felt for her. No child should have to choose between her mother or father at any point in their lives. But through it all Neely shows great maturity and strength, something else I loved about her.
Janett Gomez
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We were just kids when we met. . .

He was the boy from down the beach. I was the transplant from Tennessee.

He became my best friend. I became his best girl.

And then . . . it became us.

We shared things . . . our dreams, our secrets . . . first kisses and then our hearts.

Seth Drake was my everything. My first crush. My first love. My forever passion. Until that day when everything changed through no fault of ours.

I was crushed. We were crushed.

Release date: July 21, 2016

Publisher: Meatball Taster Publishing, LLC

Print pages: 181

Content advisory: 18+

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Behind the book

I have fallen in love with YA/NA Romance and Suspense. I got the idea for "Crushed" from something that happened many years ago, to someone I knew very well. I hope you enjoy the story.

This is Book 1 in the "Evermore Series." It is a serial meaning that each novella needs to be read in order for the complete story.

1) Crushed                  

2) Claimed                  

3) Paparazzi                

4) Star F*cking                       


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