Charmed and Disarmed

Charmed and Disarmed

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2 Supernatural Mysteries in 1 Audiobook Bundle!



Lights, camera, assassin…

A Hollywood movie shoot comes to town and journalist Cendrine West is eager for a scoop. Her witchy family also wants in on the action, but shenanigans with the stars soon turn to Tinseltown tragedy.

Bodies are piling up faster than a coven’s worth of curses, and everything points back to Cen’s starstruck family. They will stop at nothing in their quest for supernatural stardom, even if that means meddling in a murder investigation.

The witches have created one spell of a mess and given the killer a chance to get away with murder. Cen resorts to her own blend of supernatural justice to keep her family in check, but can she unmask the killer before he strikes again?

Welcome to the wild, wild Wests!



Eat, Drink, and Be Poisoned…

Cendrine West is looking forward to a cozy Christmas Eve dinner when a blizzard blows in, bringing with it a flurry of unexpected guests. But tipsy witches and mischievous magic spell a recipe for disaster, especially when a guest turns up dead. Cen’s sleuthing exposes a Santa-sized sack of trouble and everyone’s a suspect, even her hunky sheriff boyfriend.

Is it a deadly accident by a drunken witch…or something more sinister? Murder is on the menu and only magic can uncover the truth in this witchy, wacky Yuletide thrill ride!

The Westwick Witches are for fans of paranormal mystery, cozy mystery, and wickedly funny witches.

Release date: May 9, 2021

Publisher: Slice Publishing

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Charmed and Disarmed
Colleen Cross
Petrea Burchard
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November 26, 2021
Slice Publishing




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