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Amy Collins, a young blonde beautiful college student, was expected home around 9 p.m. and by 1 a.m. still hadn't shown up or called her family. Call after call to her cell phone went unanswered into the midnight hour. The next morning a ravaged bloody body was found on the side of the highway stabbed to bits.

Detective Mercey , a 20 year veteran detective, has worked thousands of murder cases. He has become clairvoyant and now can see on the other side of the spirit realm after dealing with so many deaths. Amy's parents, friends, and lovers give account and testimony and are also suspected to have taken part in her murder. M.E. Jenkins, the medical examiner, is the best at performing autopsies in the north east of the United States. Together, along with hardcore forensic evidence, the examiner and the detective investigate and race against the clock to stop a 7 year spree of serial killings. Will they be able to catch the killer in time? Join the investigation, we need your help.

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