Blood in Eden

Blood in Eden

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Sister Fidelma returns in Blood in Eden, the 30th Celtic mystery by Peter Tremayne, acclaimed author of Bloodmoon, Penance of the Damned and Night of the Lightbringer. If you love Ellis Peters, you'll be gripped by Blood in Eden and the Sister Fidelma series.

Ireland. AD 672. The hamlet of Cloichín is said to be a veritable Eden, with its prosperous farms and close-knit, friendly community. But when Sister Fidelma and Eadulf arrive, a new priest has ordered the villagers to lynch a man accused of murdering a local farmer, his wife and two sons. The only evidence they hold against him is the fact that he is a stranger to their land.

Saving the man's life, Fidelma is determined that the villagers must give the newcomer a fair trial. But there is to be more blood in Eden and more lives will be lost as long-standing friends become new-found enemies, and no one knows who to trust....

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Blood in Eden
Peter Tremayne
Caroline Lennon
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January 11, 2019




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