Billy Joins the Circus

Billy Joins the Circus

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Yes you can! Follow your dreams...

"An engaging and optimistic story, Billy Joins the Circus is about believing in yourself, taking a step forward - big or small - and never (ever) stop dreaming." [Priscilla Tan - Priscilla and her Books]

Billy Joins the Circus is an inspiring, uplifting story about a monkey who wants to join the circus. Through Billy, little ones are inspired to believe in themselves and follow their dreams! One day, Billy the monkey meets the Ringmaster and Polly, the circus flying dolly. They are not sure if Billy has the talent for their circus and they ask him what he can do! Billy cheerfully sings a song that impresses them.

Children love to sing and dance along to this interactive music audiobook. The catchy sing-along song with movements such as clapping your hands, touching your toes, spinning around, and jumping up and down is repeated three times, enabling children to learn the song and the moves as they listen. Great fun and enjoyment for everyone!

This joyful music audiobook includes original music and sound effects throughout the narrative and is part of a series of music audiobooks titled, 'Storytime with Anna Christina'.


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Billy Joins the Circus
Anna Christina
Anna Christina
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May 10, 2022
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