40 Ways to Say Goodbye

40 Ways to Say Goodbye

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How many ways do you need to say goodbye to your ex until he finally leaves you alone?

My formal name is Aran of The Dagda. I rue the day I became Aran Derringer, but soon I'll be changing it back to plain old Aran O'Malley. Most days it’s not so bad being a forty-year-old witch from the lineage of the Tuatha de Danann. The last seven years weren't the best, but I don't have time to be regretting the past.

Despite what my demon hunter ex-husband and his demon hunter council told the world about me, I am not and never was a criminal. Before I could break myself out of prison, though, the demon hunter council made me a deal I couldn’t refuse. A legit early release is costing me all my pride and a lot more trouble than a jailbreak would have, but I like the idea of not being a magickal fugitive.

I swear to Goddess Danu that to get my magical divorce from Jack, I’ve become desperate enough to do just about anything, even if it means helping his stupid bosses.

40 Ways to Say Goodbye is an exhilarating new paranormal women's fiction tale from USA Today Bestselling Author Donna McDonald.

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